Anti Ram Raid Gate

This product was developed out of our own requirement to increase the security of the roller shutters on our units.

The retractable Anti Ram Raid Gate is anchored to the inside of the building and will resist being rammed. Roller shutters will not protect against Ram Raids and vehicles are being increasingly used to breach these metal roller shutter doors in order to steal high-value stock.

The Anti Ram Raid Gate is easy to operate, cost effective, looks smart and the galvanizing protects it against weathering.

Here are some of the most common ways that a ram raid is attempted, alongside how the Anti Ram Raid Gate provides a solution

Ram raiding external and internalThe substance of the construction and the anchoring allow for great resistance from ram raid both external and internal.

Lifting using a ‘jack’


The continuous hinges and the anti- lift plates prevent the roller shutter from being ‘jacked-up’


Cutting through using an ‘angle grinder’ or similar tool


The strength of construction coupled with the perforated sheeting presents a substantial obstacle once a roller shutter has been penetrated

Our Secur product will also protect against ram-raids.

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