Secur™ protects people and critical infrastructure

Security Blinds provides a complete protection solution for high risk locations and critical infrastructure. One reason why our Secur™ product has been so well received, especially by the police, is simple. It does much more than just protect property, it can save lives. Secur™,  in conjunction with Anti-Shatter Film or Polycarbonate Sheets, has been tested  to 500kg of TNT equivalent and proved highly effective in mitigating the effects of bomb blasts and therefore provides a solution to protect personnel and property from terrorist or industrial explosions. Secur is also offered in conjunction with anti ballistic glazing and doors for a complete security solution.

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“In one of BTs more sensitive locations we have used Secur™ to replace steel plates over windows and continue to provide the same duty of care. The blinds have provided a greatly enhanced working environment, protecting the premises from burglary and the effects of bomb blast.” BT

  • Unobtrusive, the blinds look and act just like conventional vertical blinds.
  • Fits most environments
  • Never been broken into
  • High level window security
  • Protection against a large vehicle bomb
  • Blinds can be open and still mitigate the blast
  • Continued protection against looting after a blast
  • Bespoke design solutions to fit most situations
  • Accredited by UK and US Governments

The way Secur™ protects is deceptively simple. The second a blast occurs in the vicinity of your protected premises, the blades snap shut. This provides an impenetrable barrier, preventing flying glass and debris from penetrating the building, protecting both the internal premises and individuals in them. The building also remains secure from looting.

Every public building has a duty of care not only to its employees but to those that visit. Security Blinds offers a bespoke service for window security that not only protects against theft, sabotage, and ram raids but also explosions and bomb blast.