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Having worked for many years in window and glazing solutions our team understand windows and how to make them secure.

Our initial designs were to mitigate the danger of flying glass caused by explosion or other pressure peaks such as hurricanes etc. and our testing of these designs credited the product with a low risk result against some very large test explosions.

The proven resilience of the product led to the modification of the designs and the subsequent successful testing to relevant UK standards against forced entry.

This combined approach to window security has made Security Blinds one of the world leaders in this type of security both in terms of innovation and protection levels.

At Security Blinds we take a consultative approach to projects with the aim of providing solutions that are both appropriate for your requirement and value for money. Our in-house design team are here to help with specifications and ensuring that out solutions accurately match your requirements.

Our Blast Protection blinds in an officeThe manufacturing and installation of the products are rigorously measured against our ISO9001 system to ensure a high quality of both product and service our manufacturing.

All testing has been carried out by independent and accredited expert test house’s for complete peace of mind.

Recognising and mitigating the security threat may not be high on budget considerations but this often changes once a business’s security is breached and many of the calls we get are from businesses that have realised only too late that protection is needed to secure their personnel, building and assets could also save their business.


Security Blinds endeavour to achieve the highest standards of accreditation. Our Secur™ range complies with the exacting UK security standards with products being tested to the highest levels of anticipated blast and forced entry.

With any form of security specification, it is essential that the threat is identified and fully understood to ensure the specification is both effective and proportionate to the anticipated threat. Security accreditations help compare product performance to ensure that quality and security levels are not compromised in favour of cost.

Historically Security Blinds have been accredited under many security plans including  LPCB and were awarded a Gold standard from Sold Secure (the only product of its type to get this standard). However design and testing do not stand still and Security Blinds continue to test to the latest available standards wherever possible.

We pride ourselves on consistently being at the forefront of window security protection levels.

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