Critical National Infrastructure

Every public building has a duty of care not only to its employees but to those that visit. Security Blinds offers a bespoke service for window security that not only protects against theft, sabotage, and ram raids but also explosions and bomb blast.

Royal Gwent Hospital installed the Secur™ product following recommendations for improved window security to their containment level 2 and 3 laboratories from the Counter Terrorism Security Advisors at Gwent Police. Secur™ was more cost effective and less disruptive than installing high security windows.

•         Secure your building against intruders and bomb blasts.
•         Highest specifications designed to withstand blast – tested to 500kg TNT equivalent.
•         Protects people and critical infrastructure.
•         Unique, unobtrusive and smart with the benefits of conventional blinds.
•         UK and international commercial, Government and critical infrastructure organisations.


The way Secur™ protects is simple, the second a blast occurs the blades shut. This impenetrable barrier prevents flying glass and debris from penetrating the building, protecting both the building and the individuals inside.  Security Blinds believe they are the only company globally that can provide a product to withstand such high levels of attack in the window area of any building and know of no comparable product available anywhere in the world.

The counter-terrorism strategy known within the Government as CONTEST is based on the policy that can be summed up as Prevent, Pursue, Protect and Prepare. Protecting the public is the key objective and the aim of the Government’s counter terrorism strategy is to reduce the risk of terrorism to allow people to go about their lives freely and with confidence. The UK has one of the most comprehensive and wide ranging approaches to tackling terrorism in the world and we have updated our CONTEST strategy to take account of the evolving threat, the lessons we have learned and the new challenges we face.”

“Without business continuity a natural or man-made disaster could result in:
Loss of work to competitors
Failures within your supply chain
Loss of reputation
Human resources issues
Health and safety liability
Higher insurance premiums”

Quote from Sir Alistair. General Sir Alistair Irwin has over 35 years of military experience, culminating his career as Adjutant General, the Army Board members responsible for all personnel matters throughout the British Army. He has dealt with the highest levels of Government and worked in close co-operation with the Police,  security services and other organisations on a range of issues.

HSBC Bank plc:

“HSBC use Secur™ in high risk locations and the product forms part of the HSBC portfolio of physical security solutions where appropriate. Security Blinds consultative approach in preparing solutions complements the method in which HSBC operate”.