Public Sector

Serving the Police, Health Service, Local and Central Government, Secur™ is used by police forces across the UK, where security is of paramount importance, protecting property and highly confidential information. Crime Prevention Officers who advise on security matters for both business and private sectors recommend Secured by Design, the police preferred specification. Secur™ is accredited by Secured by Design.

Secur in the public sector

Secur™ is a preferred choice now for public sector buildings including PCTs, NHS, surgeries, dental practices and pharmacies. It is their invaluable insurance against the loss of sensitive data, health records, specialist medical equipment and drugs. Easy to clean and maintain, Secur™ gives patients and staff a pleasant, safe environment.

Secur in a doctors office



Council offices, municipal buildings, town halls and cash collecting sites are all benefiting from Secur™. Libraries and learning centres can now have round-the-clock building protection for their books, CDs, membership data and IT equipment.

Secur in an office



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