Secur™ window protection products are elegant yet robust and highly effective.

Introducing Secur™

The Secur™ suite of products are a much more attractive and a far more effective barrier than products such as blast films, blast curtains, security bars and security grilles. Secur™ sympathetically blends in with any style or period of architecture and incorporates the basic functions of a normal vertical blind.

Secur™ intruder prevention is elegant yet robust and effective. It is a much more attractive and a far more effective barrier than security bars and security grilles, many of which can be penetrated in seconds. Secur™ blends in with any style or period of architecture.

The Secur™ system looks like a conventional vertical blind but tempered steel rods are concealed in each of the distinctive aerofoil-shaped blades. These blades, coupled to a unique, patented locking mechanism, create an impenetrable steel barrier. The blinds have all the benefits that make ordinary ones so appealing. They brighten any building interior; you rotate them to create privacy, keep out noise or bright sunlight and allow for ventilation. The blinds allow access to the window for cleaning and for use as an emergency escape route.

The higher specifications of the Secur™ range will mitigate against bomb blast and explosions.

Security Blinds comply with the highest standards of accreditation for our clients’ peace of mind.

Benefits of Secur™ Window Protection Products

  • Excellent security against break-ins
  • Blast protection
  • Protects personnel, property and assets
  • Strong aesthetic appeal
  • British designed, tested, manufactured and patented
  • Installed by our own specially trained teams worldwide