Intruder Prevention

Burglary is a major concern for households and Security Blinds can ensure the ultimate security for windows, roof openings, entrance doors and patio doors.

Security Blinds for your home

The residential part of the Secur™ range will make for a safer home and peace of mind. Secur™ burglary protection is the one product that really stops break-ins.

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Security Blinds for your business

A worryingly high percentage of businesses never recover from the disruption and loss caused by break-ins.

Secur™ safeguards you against the disruption, losses and damage to your business, assets and property. But it’s not just an efficient way to protect your offices; it’s by far the most attractive and appealing option, blending in to create a more pleasant look that staff appreciate.

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Retractable Gate

Our heavy duty retractable gate/grille acts as a tough barrier to secure your property’s entry points while still offering the advantage of having clear unobsturcted use of your window and doors.


Roller Shutters

Available as an electric roller shutter or manually operated in a wide range of colours and styles. Domestic Shutters or commercial shutters are ideal for garages, vulnerable windows and doors in your home. Commercial Shutters are ideal for shop fronts.


Window Film

To resist the problems of  vandalism and forced entry, Security Blinds provide an immediate and cost-effective window film solution. The vulnerable part of a building’s structure is the glazing as it provides an immediate point of entry for break-ins or a focus for vandalism. The application of glass containment window film will significantly reduce the vulnerability of glass without reducing the benefits of clear glazing.