Warehouse Protection

Anti Ram Raid Gate

In late 2020, Eruma Security International embarked on a project to provide secondary security against ram raiding for a major UK distribution network through the installation of ram raid protection gates behind their roller shutter doors.

The ram raid protection gates provide additional forced entry protection when closed by a combination of holding down the roller shutters, stopping vehicles penetrating beyond the roller shutter  and creating a secondary fixed skin internal to the roller shutter to restrict pedestrian access.

The rollout program was initiated after earlier ram raid gates were used to secure one of the company’s many branches, defeating attempts to break through the roller shutters.

One of the branch managers commented “the gates were tested 2 times. On both occasions, the ram raiders did not get in thanks to the Ram Raid Gate being in situ, we are very happy with them”.

The product is simple to retrofit and gives significant additional protection against a known threat, more information is available using the following link https://securityblinds.co.uk/products/security-gates/