Case Studies

Case Study – Warehouse Protection

In late 2020, Eruma Security International embarked on a project to provide secondary security against ram raiding for a major UK distribution network through the installation of ram raid protection gates behind their roller shutter doors.

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Case Study – Beirut Port Explosion

In 2020, a major explosion in the port of Beirut estimated as the equivalent of between 1,000 and 1,500 tonnes of TNT was witnessed. The explosion in Beirut was one of the largest man-made non-nuclear explosions ever witnessed and created widespread devastation through a supersonic blast wave radiating throughout the city.

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Case Study – City University

Securtm at City UniversityDavid Young, City University’s overall Project manager from their Department of Property and Facilities was very happy with the solution,


It involved just one supplier, not three, which had reduced the University’s time spent on project coordination and administration.

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Case Study – Norla Group

Secur™ was chosen because, according to Elaine Hazlewood, Norla Group’s Finance Director:

The aesthetic look of Secur™ fits well with the image we are planning to project at our new premises. Further we believe the high level of security provided by Secur™ for all our windows will create the right environment for us to progress over the coming years

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Case Study – The Crypt SBD School

Case Study at the Crypt SBD School

The school sits on a vulnerable site, surrounded by fields and had been having many break-ins. They had spent money repairing windows and replacing stolen goods and were fed up paying good money out for ineffective security.




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Case Study – UNITE

Securtm at a Unite Building

Steve Pinder, National Security Manager at UNITE said: CCTV is a major part of our every day lives, it deters criminal activity but it doesn’t solve crime. Security Blinds is a trusted partner of UNITE and are integral to the overall physical security decision process. “When looking to enhance the security at a small number of our sites, Security Blinds was the only supplier that met our requirement to better protect our accommodation and our customers. We have also used Secur™  to secure our on-site hospitality management offices.”

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