Security Gates

Security Gates

Eruma Security International manufactures bespoke high security gates to suit any environment from prisons to embassies we can create solutions to match your needs.

Ram Raid Protection Gates

Security Gates on an industrial unit

Our Ram Raid Protection Gates are designed to sit behind roller shutters to provide extra protection to the building.

When the Gate is locked in place it will resist the direct impact of a vehicle and it will help maintain the integrity of the shutter slats, stopping any attempt to break the shutter.

In addition to the anti-ram protection, the locking feet engage with the base of the shutter to prevent the shutter being forced upwards.

Ram Raid ProtectionGate sits behind an existing Roller Shutter and transmits any impact forces through its frame and into the ground.

Anti Lift


When in place the gate holds down the inner lip of the roller shutter resisting forced lifting of the shutter.


Entry Restriction



The Gate serves to maintain the integrity of the lower (1.7m) roller shutter slats making access by intruders significantly more difficult.

RRG Data Sheet

Lockmaster S3 Auto


Eruma Security International are pleased to include the supply and installation of the CLD fencing LPS 1175 SR3 rated automated swing gates.


Forced entry / exitThe Lockmaster S3 Auto Gate is the latest development in cost effective automated swing gates. Holding LPS 1175 Issue 8 C5 (SR3) security rating they offer the highest level of security for ingress and egress.
AestheticsAvailable in double leaf inward opening only at a minimum post centre size of 150x150mm, it is available in a full range of RAL colours and is polyester-powdered coated and hot dip galvanised. Making this access control system ideal for projects such as Governments buildings, Military, Police, Utilites and many other high security sites.

Gates and entry point control systems


All the security measures of the manual Lockmaster SR3 access controls but with added ease and convenience of automation. The Lockmaster S3 Auto Gates feature a double layer of Securus mesh infill with clamp bars.

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