Counter Terror And Security Services

One reason why Secur™ has been so well received, especially by the police, is simple. It does much more than just protect property, it saves lives.

Securtm with Anti-Shatter film

Secur™, in conjunction with Anti-Shatter Film or Polycarbonate Sheets, has been tested and proved highly effective in mitigating the effects of bomb blasts and therefore provides a solution to protect personnel and property from terrorist or industrial explosions.

Our products are specified for critical infrastructure because of the high level of security required for the likes of control centres, safe havens and post rooms.


The way Secur™ protects is deceptively simple. The second a blast occurs in the vicinity of your protected premises, the blades snap shut. This provides an impenetrable barrier, preventing flying glass and debris from penetrating the building, protecting both the internal premises and individuals in them. The building also remains secure from looting.

Explosion before Securtm is in place

In one of BTs more sensitive locations we have used Secur™ to replace steel plates over windows and continue to provide the same duty of care. The blinds have provided a greatly enhanced working environment, protecting the premises from burglary and the effects of Terrorism.


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