Burglary is a major concern for households.

Secur™ will protect residential homes against the unexpected. It is accredited to a high level security and has never been breached. Security for windows, roof openings, entrance doors and patio doors.

Residential Security Blinds

Secur protecting a home






Secur™ gives you peace of mind that your home is protected at all times. Forced entry testing has been recently updated to new testing standards with the product achieving a D5 rating.

Secur from the outside of a home giving the residents piece of mind


Secur™ will protect your home from break ins without making you feel like you are in a prison cell, you can also have them in whatever colour you want so they will match the rest of your home. Another pro with Secur™  is it will protect your furniture from getting bleached from the sun.


Secur protecting a shed Secur protecting a shed

Secur protecting doors Secur protecting doors