Security Blinds Anti Shatter Film

With the threat of attack a very real and serious possibility in cities and society throughout the world today, protecting people and assets alongside business continuity and emergency planning are a matter of priority for us all. With 90% of all injuries in a blast caused by flying glass, the first area of priority must be the weakest link in our buildings – the glazing.

We tend to forget that the clear glass protecting us from outside elements cannot provide protection from the dangers of a blast. It in fact becomes a danger in itself.

Powerful shock waves from a high-velocity attack emanate in all directions. Your windows could convert into lethal flying shards of glass. Your building will then be open to the elements, allowing the bomb blast to enter your building at speed where internal glazing is also vulnerable, with fixed internal glazing or glass partitioning proving to be just as hazardous.

Our greatest desire is to minimise the quantity and hazard of broken glass and blast induced debris, ensuring business continuity and stability.

Protecting a building’s occupants and business continuity is our priority.

Protect your business, property, employees and members of the public with Security Blind’s blast mitigation high-tensile strength anti-shatter film.

Security Blind’s Blast Mitigation Anti-Shatter Film, when applied to your existing glazing, whether to doors and windows or overhead and internal glazing, will mitigate the effects of bomb blasts on glass. It is an immediate and cost-effective retrofit solution, especially when compared with the replacement of existing glazing.

The film, normally applied to one side of the glazing, will absorb a large degree of the shock wave, stretching, without tearing and lessening the effect as it enters the building. In many cases although the glass breaks, the filmed glass will fall out in one piece,attached to the pressure sensitive film. This minimises damage and injuries.

Security Blind’s range of Anchoring Systems and upgrade profiles have become far more popular as a result of increased concerns over the need to retain broken glass intact within the glazing system.

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