Blast Protection

Secur™ Protection from Terrorist or Industrial Explosions

The Secur™ range protects people, assets and critical infrastructure against explosive impact

Security Blinds provides substantial protection solution against a wide range of explosive attacks from rucksack / satchel bombs through to car and truck bombs.

We have 2 levels of blast product tested to 100kg Secur™ and 500kg Secur™ Ultra respectively with both tests being credited with a “Low hazard” result.

The Secur™ products have the significant advantage of providing maximum protection against blast while still blending into its environment.

Level of Protection (High Threat-Low Hazard)

Full scale physical blast testing has been carried out to prove the products ability to withstand blasts from terrorist attack or industrial explosions and detailed test reports are available (subject to security clearance).

Blast Testing

Blast before protection

The way Secur™ protects is deceptively simple. The second a blast occurs in the vicinity  of your protected premises, the blades snap shut. This provides an impenetrable barrier, preventing flying glass and debris from penetrating the building, protecting both the internal premises and individuals in them. The building also remains secure from looting.

Every employer has a duty of care not only to its employees but to those that visit. Security Blinds offers a bespoke solution for window security  that not only protects against theft and sabotage, but also explosions and bomb blast.

Please click here to view our Data sheet: Blast Protection – Data sheet

500kg Blast Test

This is the result of the effect of the blast on an unprotected window

This is the effect of the same blast on a window protected by Secur™ blinds

Please click here to view our Data sheet: Blast Protection – Data sheet

Benefits of Secur™ Blast Protection products

  • Unobtrusive, the blinds look and act just like conventional vertical blinds.
  • Fits most environments.
  • High level window security
  • Protection against a large vehicle bombBlast aftermath before protection
  • Auto close feature means that blinds can be open and still mitigate the blast.
  • Continued protection against looting after a blast
  • Bespoke design solutions to fit most situations.
  • Accredited by UK and US Governments

The products therefore provide the ideal solutions to protect personnel and property from explosive events without losing the aesthetics needed in modern office environments.

Please click here to view our Data sheet: Blast Protection – Data sheet

Test results (UK Low hazard result)

Test 1 Variables – Secur™Test 2 Variables – Secur™ Ultra
Distance from blast in metresBlast size (KG TNT equivalent)Distance from blast in metresBlast size (KG TNT equivalent)


23100Physical Test29500

Extrapolation 1



Extrapolation 1



Extrapolation 2

25128Extrapolation 225


Extrapolation 3

501,027Extrapolation 350


Extrapolation 4

1008,219Extrapolation 4100


Extrapolation 5

1425Extrapolation 510


Extrapolation 6

1850Extrapolation 613


Extrapolation 7

29200Extrapolation 721


Extrapolation 8


Extrapolation 8



UK’s leading telecoms provider, BT Have This to say about our product:

“In one of BTs more sensitive locations we have used Secur™ to replace steel plates over windows and continue to provide the same duty of care. The blinds have provided a greatly enhanced working environment, protecting the premises from both forced entry and the effects of bomb blast.”

Please click here to view our Data sheet: Blast Protection – Data sheet