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Simple steps to increase building security levels

In times of heightened concerns about security, it is worthwhile considering the resilience of your own premises to any terrorist attack. The process has a wider value as it will highlight areas of security concern and potential business interruption from other sources, too. Any opening in a building is potentially vulnerable from such attack, with doors and windows usually the weakest points and the best areas to consider for increased security measures for buildings. Windows can be protected using physical barriers such as bars and grilles; alternatively vertical louvres can be fitted inside window and door openings to provide the same level of protection, while being less obtrusive. Where increased security measures are necessary, but there is a desire to maintain an open feel to a building, security films can be used. These are easily fitted to any area of glazing, making glass more resistant to impacts and preventing shattering should panels be subject to attack.

Security shutters provide vital protection

Every home and business needs to consider how best to maintain its security. It is well known that, during times of recession, there is likely to be an increase in theft and burglaries, as people feel the pinch and take more drastic and illegal steps to put food on their table.

Taking sensible security steps is increasingly something that insurance companies insist on, in order to minimise losses and the subsequent claims that are made. Only by asking businesses and homeowners to take the initial preventative steps themselves, can insurance premiums be maintained at affordable levels, they argue. And simple physical prevention measures are often insisted on, ahead of more sophisticated alarms.

One simple physical method of protecting premises is the use of security shutters. These are not only appropriate for business premises, but can also be used on homes and domestic garages. Over windows they are generally more appropriate than unsightly fixed metal bars.

There are a number of designs of security shutters. The roller shutter type is typically retracted into an overhead box, when the premises are open. Most security shutters of this type installed today have a simple electric motor to lift and lower them, which can be operated securely by staff using a security key in an externally mounted switch.

Security shutters can be integrated into the design of the building frontage or a window display area, avoiding the need for unsightly boxes above windows or other openings which are to be protected. For today’s security shutters, there is a choice of colours, metal profiles and finishes such as a mesh material or a profile with slots cut into it, which allows some light to pass through, while remaining robust against intruders. For those not required to be weatherproof, such as a security shutter mounted behind a window display, it can be appropriate to have a more open design allowing a view in, while still preventing access. It may even be possible to have the front of the shutter finished in corporate colours, providing an opportunity for branding and advertising even when the premises are closed.

Security Blinds

It’s said that during a recession, crime rises as those with less to lose become more desperate about making money any way they can. So even in hard economic times, it makes sense for anyone with their own business to invest in protecting your premises.

While there have been plenty of high technology solutions launched, and the use of widespread closed circuit television is well documented, it remains true that physical deterrents are still the most effective first line of defence in many situations, particularly where property needs to be defended.

The only problem is, the usual approach of fitting bars at the windows hardly presents a welcoming image to visitors and potential customers. For building occupants, the effect is often one of working in a prison, rather than an attractive office! And there are issues around safe means of exit, should there be a fire. Alternatives to this very obvious solution include protective window films, and a recently developed alternative, security blinds.

Modelled on the popular vertical window blinds, which are an effective privacy measure and shield against solar glare, security blinds appear very similar to the vertical hanging strips already used in many office buildings. However, being made from much tougher materials, each vane of the blinds includes a steel core, which in combination with a strongly designed top and bottom rail provides a highly effective protection against intruders. Suitable for all types of windows, security blinds can be easily installed in existing buildings, as well as being ideal for designing in a new build as part of the building’s overall security assessment.

In addition to their security value, the aerofoil shaped vanes can also help with solar gain on hot, summer days, and improve the reflection of light into the building on autumn and winter days, when poor daylight levels often mean artificial lights have to be used extensively.

Depending on the level of protection involved, it is possible to specify security blinds for intruder protection; or for a more robust defence it is possible to have blast resistant security blinds – ideal for more sensitive locations in higher risk environments. The beauty of security blinds is that these high levels of property protection are possible, without spoiling the look of a building or severely restricting the view for occupants – an ideal solution.

What makes Security Blinds unique is that we offer bespoke security solutions that will fit most situations to a high level of security, including bomb blast mitigation. We specialise in physical security and focus on providing the best in window and door protection.

We take a consultative approach and our aim is to provide solutions that are both value for money as well as being the most appropriate for your requiement. We have our own design, manufacturing, sales and installation teams.

Our products have been tested by experts and accredited to ensure we provide the best security possible against against forced entry, ram raids and even bomb blasts. Our comprehensive security range includes Secur™security blinds, Secur™ blast protection, film, shutters, retractable gates and our anti ram raid barrier.

Secur Intruder Prevention

Secur intruder prevention is elegent yet robust and effective. It is a much more attractive and a far more effective barrier than security bars and security grilles, many of which can be penetrated in seconds. Secur™ blends in with any style or period of architecture.

The Secur™ system looks like a conventional vertical blind but tempered steel rods are concealed in each of the distinctive aerofoil-shaped blades. These blades, coupled to a unique, patented locking mechanism, create an impenetrable steel barrier.

The blinds have all the benefits that make ordinary ones so appealing. They brighten any building interior; you rotate them to create privacy, keep out noise or bright sunlight and allow for ventilation. The blinds allow access to the window for cleaning and for use as an emergency escape route.

There are currently three level specifiacations in the Secur™ range. These range from the lower spec that can deal with intruder prevention upto the higher spec that can provide a solution for bomb blast.

Security Blinds comply with the highest standards of accreditation for our clients’ peace of mind in knowing that we strive for the best.

Anti Ram Raid Gate

This product was developed out of our own requirement to increase the security of the roller shutters on our units.

The retractable Anti Ram Raid Gate is anchored to the inside of the building and will resist being rammed. Roller shutters will not protect against Ram Raids and vehicles are being increasingly used to breach these metal roller shutter doors in order to steal high-value stock. The Anti Ram Raid Gate is easy to operate, cost effective, looks smart and the galvanizing protects it against weathering.

Security Blinds Anti Shatter Film

With the threat of attack a very real and serious possibility in cities and society throughout the world today, protecting people and assets alongside business continuity and emergency planning are a matter of priority for us all. With 90% of all injuries in a blast caused by flying glass, the first area of priority must be the weakest link in our buildings – the glazing.

We tend to forget that the clear glass protecting us from outside elements cannot provide protection from the dangers of a blast. It in fact becomes a danger in itself.

Powerful shock waves from a high-velocity attack emanate in all directions. Your windows could convert into lethal flying shards of glass. Your building will then be open to the elements, allowing the bomb blast to enter your building at speed where internal glazing is also vulnerable, with fixed internal glazing or glass partitioning proving to be just as hazardous.

Our greatest desire is to minimise the quantity and hazard of broken glass and blast induced debris, ensuring business continuity and stability.

Protecting a building’s occupants and business continuity is our priority.

Protect your business, property, employees and members of the public with Security Blind’s blast mitigation high-tensile strength anti-shatter film.

Security Blind’s Blast Mitigation Anti-Shatter Film, when applied to your existing glazing, whether to doors and windows or overhead and internal glazing, will mitigate the effects of bomb blasts on glass. It is an immediate and cost-effective retrofit solution, especially when compared with the replacement of existing glazing.

The film, normally applied to one side of the glazing, will absorb a large degree of the shock wave, stretching, without tearing and lessening the effect as it enters the building. In many cases although the glass breaks, the filmed glass will fall out in one piece,attached to the pressure sensitive film. This minimises damage and injuries.

Security Blind’s range of Anchoring Systems and upgrade profiles have become far more popular as a result of increased concerns over the need to retain broken glass intact within the glazing system with Pentagon Protection the first to test to the highest of blast mitigation standards ISO 16933.

Intruder Prevention

Burglary is a major concern for households and Security Blinds can ensure the ultimate security for windows, roof openings, entrance doors and patio doors.

The residential part of the Secur™ range will make for a safer home and peace of mind. Secur™ burglary protection is the one product that really stops break-ins.

A worryingly high percentage of businesses never recover from the disruption and loss caused by break-ins.

Secur™ safeguards you against the disruption, losses and damage to your business, assets and property. But it’s not just an efficient way to protect your offices; it’s by far the most attractive and appealing option, blending in to create a more pleasant look that staff appreciate.

Security Blinds Retractable Gate

Commercial and Residential Security

This product is ideal for both private and commercial sectors because of its versatility and added security strength. It has excellent vision when closed and complete vision when open. It has the smallest bunch size width available taking only 15% of the overall opening width.

Extra Security

Our collapsible gates are manufactured from pickets that are made of a 16mm x 10mm x 3 mm channel section therefore being the thickest gate section on the market.

Colour to Suit Any Environment

These versatile retractable gates come in powder coated white as standard but there is a choice of numerous colours to fit with your design.

Security Blinds Safety Film

Security Blinds work as specialists in window film and glass protection.

The weakest part of a building structure is the glazing. It provides an immediate point of entry for break-ins or a focus for vandalism. Shattered glass causes disruption and distress and there are significant financial implications and loss of business during clear up.

Standard glazing is not designed to resist vandalism or forced entry burglary, nor severe wind storms, hurricanes and tornadoes and their consequent wind-borne debris. These events expose people to both scattered and flying glass.

Security Blinds provide an immediate and cost-effective solution to the vulnerability of your glazing and the consequent loss of security. The application of glass containment film will significantly reduce the vulnerability of glass without reducing the benefits of clear glazing.

Tested to BS EN12600 Impact test, our range of glass containment security film is designed to absorb and stretch under attack – bonding any broken glass to the film.

When applied to existing glazing it forms a barrier that delays penetration of your glass making it difficult to gain easy and immediate access. With ‘smash and grab’ thefts accounting for a large percentage of commercial criminality, if the burglar is met with a degree of resistance due to the presence of  glass containment security film, the individual will usually quickly give up and move on.

The benefits of Security Blind’s glass containment film can also be combined with solar-control, providing you with both safety AND solar protection.

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